Active Daily Living Bath; Active Daily Living Spa

ADL Spa Basic – our standard accessible slide-in bath, as described above.
ADL Spa Safety Plus – our standard tub, plus… a thermostatic anti-scald temperature-control valve system.

Easily Accessible, Safe, Relaxing, Comfortable and Lots of Features

Aquassure of Nevada knows you will enjoy the experience of the Aquassure ADL Spa Bath as it provides hydrotherapy benefits of relaxation and soaking in the bath again! You will also benift from Aquassure ADL Spa Baths becaise it is so  easily accessible and elevated to provide a therapeutic spa experience for you, just like it does for people of all abilities, including wheelchair users. Aquassure bathtubs are unique. The patented sliding door and raised bathtub design offers universal access for people of all mobility levels. Access from wheelchairs, walkers and lifts in a full-sized bathtub that is easily retrofittable into existing residential bathtub spaces.

You are always fully supported and cannot fall in an Aquassure ADL Spa Bath. The elevated bottom eliminates having to stand, and the need for a seat. You can simply slide back in from a seated position.

Every ADL Spa Slide-in Bath comes standard with a 5-foot white soaker bathtub with patented sliding door (left or right opening), 2” quick drain system, cabinet base with white melamine cabinet fronts, cabinet hardware, four integrated grab bars, 3/4” high flow valves with factory installed deck mounted chrome ADA-compliant lever-handled fixtures with adjustable handheld shower, Roman filler, and 5-foot flex hoses to hook up to hot-cold intakes. Choose from two tub systems designed to meet your needs!


Sliding Door

Only Aquassure bathtubs come with our patented zero-clearance sliding door! The easy-glide sliding door is out of the way of legs, walkers, wheelchairs and lifts. The door latches automatically when you close it, and easily releases when you lift up the handle. Our unique seal design uses water pressure to increase seal integrity, preventing leaks and accidental openings. Plus, our door features a secondary backup drain in the door track – no spills on the floor and water can be run with the door open for cleaning and pre-heating!

Our door was tested over 20,000 cycles of opening and closing, then filled with water and it did not leak, exceeding international certification standards!

Cabinet Base


2014 cabinetThe cabinet base is part of what makes the ADL Spa so unique and accessible. It lifts you 18 3/8” off the ground, and allows for easy entry and exit via wheelchair transfer, walker, or standing position. The cabinet doors open up to reveal easy access to plumbing, and is accessible for wheeled lift use. Built-in drawers allow for additional bathroom storage. The entire base is made from 5/8” laminated water-resistant wood, which will not warp or swell. Cabinet fronts can be upgraded to a variety of stains and finishes.


Air Jets – top of the line CG Air heated air massage system with 15 jets.
Water Jets – top of the line Syllent pump heated water jet hydrotherapy system with 7 jets. 
Ozone – top of the line CG Air O3 Ozone disinfection system for water jets. Turns on 1 hour after your bath to run a 15 minute sanitization process for your water jet system.
Color – tubs come in classic white but can be upgraded to a variety of colours from off-whites to faux stone. Visit our color chart page to view what options are available.
Cabinet Fronts – cabinet base fronts come in classic white but can be upgraded to a variety of finishes. Visit our colour chart page to view what options are available.
Fixtures – upgrade from chrome to brushed nickel.



Enhanced Support

Extender Handle for Door – An optional extension handle is available for the door handle. This is recommended if the bather has poor arm or shoulder mobility or poor strength to reach over the side of the tub.

Support Harness & Seatbelt System – Some bathers have difficulty remaining in a seated position in the bathtub due to core weakness or paralysis. Aquassure has 4-point seatbelt/harness as well as a belt harness that the bather can use to secure themselves in place once in position for bathing.


The ADL Spa is in compliance with these codes and standards: CSA B45.5-11./IAPMO Z124-2011-Plastic Showers and bathtubs, ASME A112.19.15-2012/CSA B45-2002-Whirlpool bathtubs with pressure-sealed doors, UPC Codes, National Plumbing Code of Canada and International Plumbing Code.

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Aquassure’s ADL Spa Slide-in Bath is a revolutionary way to bathe; allowing the bather to stretch out and enjoy a full body soak. Without thresholds to step over and no swinging doors in the way, the easy entry and exit reduces your risk of falls and allows for a safer, more accessible bathing experience.

Bathtub Comparisons

Wall Surround

Optional wall surrounds act as the finishing back splash to your bathtub. Surrounds come in multipe pieces for easy transport and installation. Available in basic White but can be upgraded to Biscuit, Bone, Almond or Linen.

Custom color upgrades are also available for an overall change or accent tiles that make your new surround “pop”.