“I’m an RN and spent several months researching various “walk-in” tubs. I found that most still required standing and transferring, plus they didn’t fill completely with water. I wanted a tub that was like a “regular” tub without the hassle of standing and the chance of falling. I was very excited when I saw the Aquassure tub and felt comfortable with the initial contact and follow-up with the people at Aquassure.”

What do you like about your bathtub?  “Ease of use, large size, comfortable, looks great and not like a tub for the disabled!”

Gayle from Central Texas, USA

“I use it virtually every day. It’s an innovation ahead of its time!”

Claude from McKinney, Texas, USA

“With my new bathtub all I have to do is park my [wheel]chair and slide right into the tub. I have had more baths in the last couple of months than I have had in years.”

Connie from Kansas

“It’s just what she wanted. My wife relishes taking her baths. It’s super relaxing for her and pushes away her pain. If she really feels badly she goes into the tub with the jets on and comes out feeling new born.”

Tony B. from Kelowna

“I purchased the ADL Spa hydrotherapy tub from Aquassure Accessible Baths Kelowna in 2012 in order to treat my advanced osteoarthritis. I use it with Epsom salts as soon as I feel any joint pain or muscle tightness and have experienced very positive results. The adjustable massaging jets can be aimed directly over the painful area, and sliding smoothly in and out without any awkward bending and stretching is also a ‘joint-saver.’ The installation was straightforward and went without a hitch. My new tub is a very reliable and attractive addition to my bathroom. I now can perform my own hydrotherapy WITHOUT LEAVING MY HOME! I have no regrets whatsoever in purchasing this wonderful product. Thank you Aquassure for such a unique invention which helps me live a pain-free life without needing any risky surgery!”

Yours truly, Nina Shigrove (83 yrs)